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Today we stop by to talk about the main benefits of Argan oil for skin and hair and see how to use the product correctly.

As you all know, Argan Oil is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, very suitable for treating hair and skin, providing significant hydration effects. The product is natural and extracted from the fruit of a tree present only in the south of Morocco, known as Argan (Argan Spinosa).

The best results can be obtained from this rare oil when used in its pure form, like the ones from Joy & Lotus, applied directly to hair and skin, or added as part of the composition of other cosmetic products, such as shampoos, creams, and moisturizers.

However, you should use it with care, to only the benefits.

Argan Oil

Properties and benefits of Argan oil

Argan oil is rich in vitamins A, D, and E. It also contains high levels of essential fatty acids, omega 6, and phytosterols. For the skin, the product guarantees high hydration, antioxidant action, restoration of natural pH, control of oiliness and combats acne and wrinkles, in addition to promoting cell renewal.

When moisturizing, the product allows the skin to better absorb nutrients. Due to components such as saponins and vitamin E, the oil guarantees anti-aging effects. Still, it has anti-inflammatory and healing action, besides being able to restore the hydrolipidic layer of the skin, leaving it firmer and elastic.

As for the hair, it has antioxidant action and protection against UV rays, improving elasticity, and stimulating growth. As it is not greasy, Argan oil provides a healthy appearance to the hair, with softness and shine. As if that were not enough, it closes the hair fiber, forming a film that holds the hydration.

Argan oil contains 80% unsaturated fats and three times more vitamin E than any other vegetable oil, helping to better nourish dry and brittle locks. It also reduces split ends and protects the hair from thermal damage.

Argain Oil for Hair

How to use it correctly

The oil can be used directly on the skin, with just a few drops. Three to five drops are enough to hydrate. It also has a significant effect when added to anti-aging creams or moisturizers. The absorption of the product is usually quick, and it can be applied to any part of the body.

If the oil that you are using is pure, you can use it directly to the skin every two or three days, while if you add it to your creams, use it daily.

In hair, the product can be used alone - as a finisher, combined with other products and can be applied pure, only on the ends, and as a component in shampoos, conditioners, rinsing oils and masks. It is often associated with coloring to reduce aggression and leave hair more hydrated.

It is also recommended to spread a few drops of Argan oil on the palms of your hands and apply it to the hair length before using the dryer or flat iron, as it works as a thermal protector. After using the blow-dryer, Argan Oil will let it shine and controls the frizz. Please remember (and this applies to any oil), don’t use it in excess or close to the roots, the hair follicles can clog, and clogged follicles are bad.

There are no contraindications for the use of Argan Oil, but some care must be taken. For example, the ones who have very oily hair, use one drop instead of three, for instance, and just at the ends. Or just add to your shampoo, mask, or conditioner and use it daily.

The same principle applies to the skin. To the ones with super oily skin, use in minimal quantities, so don’t clog the pores.


Now, that you know a lot about the benefits of Argan Oil, it’s time to give it a try, what do you think? Check our natural products at, and if you are not sure if Argan Oil is for you, send us a message, we will be more than happy to help you with any questions.


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