Prickly Oil is the New Beauty Darling

I am an American that grows up in Jordan, and on the middle-eastern side of the world, the use of oils to take care of your health and beauty is a family tradition since always.

I can't remember a time in my life that I have used a treatment that was not oil-related on my body. Healthier hair, stronger nails, younger skin, hydrated lips, softer feet, even for sores of the soul, my Grandma always had an oil.

When I arrived back in the United States, I try to continue my oil routine, but in no way, I could find my oils here in America, all of them was so liquid that looks like I was using vegetable oil on my face. Its when I decide to create Joy & Lotus. The first and primary beneficiaries of the Joy & Lotus products was just my friends and me.

One of the stars of our products is Prickly Oil. He contains higher doses of the same vitamins and antioxidants that made the Argan Oil so famous. Contains also li acid, essential to stimulate the production of healthy cells, Vitamin E, which provides skin protection, restores the collagen and helps retain moisture, and flavonoids, which have an anti-inflammatory action.

Just some drops a day are enough to change the color, the appearance, and remove dark spots of your skin. Many people don't get the results because of two motives: first, they don't use consistently, and the second is the same problem I had before, they are not using REAL OILS. It's necessary half of a ton of the prickly oilseed to make a bottle, and we can find 3 times more oil in the United States for sale then is produced in Morocco, the numbers don't match, so, don't through away your money, invest in something that will rewind the time of your skin (we just have one and need to take care of it).

Now I will tell you how I use Prickly Oil since always. I wake up, take a good shower (the water is not so hot and not so cold as well, and I try to do that in the winter too!), I wash my hair with any shampoo because I know that my post-treatment will take care of the restoration and cover any ingredient missed by my shampoo.

I leave my shower, I dry my hair a little bit with the towel, put three drops of Prickly oil on my hands and massage on my hair starting from the ends to the roots, then I put the towel back on it to finish it later. Well, it is time to use more three drops on my face and neck, don't need more than 3, and you will need to spread very well again and again, and my mirror starts to show the difference right away. My skin is happy and always smile back to me, saying thank you.

Now is time to work on my body, I use five drops in my entire front body, remember, massage and massage again to spread very well and more five in the back of my body (husband always helps with the lower back…lol), and I can feel the difference, my skin is soft, awake and protected.

I then remove the towel from my hair, comb it, and hairdryer. I know that the oil will protect it from all the damages from the heat, from the wind, pollution, and keep it healthy.  So, I spend about 10 minutes and boom, ready to start my day!

At night I use it in my face; I clean with a makeup remover and two little drops and one drop in my hands before sleep. This routine works for any age, any color, any type of skin.

A friend of mine made an experience; she took a picture of her face and hair before starting to use the Prickly Oil, then one month, two months, and three months after using it. Ohhh my, the difference is something unbelievable. The acne is gone, the discoloration too, the fine lines are a thing of the past, and today she leaves the house without makeup and always come back with compliments.

The hair is more robust, shiner, and healthy; she even let it grow again because now she is proud to shake her curls.

If you are choosing oil to start your oil therapy, you can begin with Argan Oil, but if you want a real transformation right of the bath, go with Prickly Oil.

Just one last thing, remember to get if from reliable sources. Joy & Lotus products are cruelty-free, organic, and 100% original. Soon you will see that the results are worth the investment of money and time you made it.


Dalya – CEO and Founder

Joy & Lotus Beauty

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